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01. Sperm Grading
02. Embryo Grading

Sperm Grading

Embryo Grading

An approximate timetable of events for IVF:
Day 0

Oocyte retrieval 
Sperm collection and preparation 
Insemination/ ICSI

Day 1

Check eggs for fertilization (the presence of two pronuclei or PN's) 20-24 hours

Day 1 late Eve.

Early Cleavage – 26-29 hours

Day 2

Embryos at the 4-cell or more stage of development  42-44 hours

Day 3

Embryos at the 8-cell or more stage of development 66-70 hours

Day 4

Embryos at the compacted morula (16-32 cell) stage 90-100 hours

Day 5

Embryos at the blastocyst stage of development 114-120 hours

Numeric grading systems for cleavage-stage embryos usually have 4 levels:

Grade 1: even cell division, no fragmentation 
Grade 2: even cell division, small fragmentation
Grade 3: uneven cell division, moderate fragmentation 
Grade 4: uneven cell division, excessive fragmentation

Methods of embryo scoring in IVF (PDF)


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