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Special IVF Products

Chymotrypsin for Semen Liquefaction

Non-liquifying and high viscous semen is always a problem for the Andrology lab personnel both during semen analysis and sperm preparation. Ready to use chymotrypsin can make the things much easier.

Pentoxifylline/ Theophylline for sperm activation in low motile/non-motile testicular sperm


Pentoxifylline (Sigma, St Louis, MO, USA) can be dissolved (1 mg/ ml) in culture media.
Collagenase for testicular Sperm preparation (Enzymatic digestion of testicular tissue) gynemed.de/Collagenase.443+M52087573ab0.0.html 

Assessment of round cells including peroxidative positive leucocytes in human semen

Leucocyte infiltration in semen indicate inflammatory/infective episodes in male reproductive function. Endz test is a simple and cost effective test to assess the lucocytes using routine Andrology lab microscope. Following article is a useful one,

Staining cellular peroxidase using ortho-toluidine

Available in the 5th edition of WHO manual of Semen Analysis

Inline filters for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in to CO2 incubator from CO2 cylinders

Test Yolk Buffer Media

Test Yolk Buffer Media is an egg-yolk containing solution that can be used for semen incubation, reconstitution, treatment of antisperm antibody problems, cryopreservation (freezing with appropriate levels of glycerol) and also for short-term cryostorage (24-72 hours) via refrigeration at 2 - 5 degree Celcius.  The TYB Media can also be used for short-term incubation (1-2 hours) of spermatozoa.

Antisperm Antibody testing reagents


pH Meter for testing culture media pH

Intracellular pH (pHi) regulates protein conformation, glycolysis and a number of other critical metabolic and transport processes in the human oocyte/embryo. Maintaining pHi is imperative to esp. the early embryo.

The physiological textbook range of 7.2-7.4 is applicable, however there are numerous observations that differentiated pH in vitro according to developmental stage (oocyte, 2PN, cleavage embryo, blastocyst) may improve development. Oocytes do not seem to pH regulate to a great extent, and pHi follows pHe. Embryos on the other hand seem to maintain a somewhat acidic pHi (7.1-7.2), even at higher pHe. pH during the culture phase should therefore be lowered to target the pHi. pHe is set slightly above pHi since embryo metabolism also acidifies the cytoplasm.

Culture dish/area temperature monitors

Disinfectant for IVF Lab area

Glass Bottom Dishes of micromanipulation

Polarization microscopy and IMSI have become popular methods of analyzing gamete quality. For optical reasons, both procedures require the use of disposable glass bottom dishes. 

IVF Lab Garments

IVF Laboratory Garment is made of hightech cleanroom fabric which has carbon fiber on weft.  Special carbon fiber warranties no VOC and smell release while giving beter antistatic function. 
Revulutionary soft touch with moisture  management finished fabric filters particles up to 65 % ( 0.3 m ) and 72 % ( 0.5 m ). Oosafe IVF Laboratory Garment is made of breathable fabric  so that passing through air eliminates  the risk of condensation and deflects air borne dust from accumulation on the fabric surfaces.

Isolation Cubes for Culture dishes, Warming blocks

Maintain a constant Ph in the medium surrounding the gametes in a busy every day IVF Laboratory. Maintain a constant atmosphere similar or different to that of the mother incubator.Maintain a constant humidity and thereby osmolarity of the medium.Reduce risk of cross contamination of patients.Maintain temperature close to 370 C also during handling.Fast identification of gametes and embryos in the mother incubator limiting the time that the door being open.Minimize exposure of gametes and embryos to light.

Gas Mixer

An Ideal system for mixing gases in IVF lab for bubbling of media, culture system maintenance etc. 

Heated Trolley

Improves temperature control of utensils, media and follicular fluid during oocyte retrieval Mobile. Temperature level can be monitored on the digital display.


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