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Topic: Reproduction
Start Date: 19 -Nov -2010
End date : 30 -Jun -2011
distance presented is the result of the efforts of more than fifty professionals with the intention to develop a curriculum can provide students with the most advanced knowledge in the assisted reproduction laboratory . Students will The Master is the result of the efforts of more than fifty professionals with the intention to develop a curriculum provide students with the most advanced knowledge in the assisted reproduction laboratory. 
Students will having the opportunity to attend class virtually , using technology Elluminate ( www.elluminate.com ). the opportunity to attend virtually, using technology (www.elluminate.com). Thanks to her, will be accessible at any time from any computer as many times as the student wishes to the actual class recorded on the servers of the university, where in addition to viewing the presentation, you can hear the audio explanation Thanks to her, will be accessible at any time from any as many times as the student wishes to the actual class on the servers of the university, where in addition to viewing the presentation, you can hear the teachers.

Coordinator is: Prof. Sim³n Carlos Valls ; Dr. Nicol¡s Garrido Puchalt 
physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, related .) Addressed to: Graduates in Biomedical Sciences (biologists, veterinarians, pharmacists, related.)
Hours : Unspecified
Free course : No
Tuition: 4000 EURO
Location: Distance / Online
City: Distance / Online Distance /
Country: Spain
Place of registration: adeit.uv.es/reproduccion4

Master of Clinical Embryology Online Course

Commencing in 2009, the Master of Clinical Embryology will be available as an off-campus, online degree. It is has been created specifically for professionals currently working in IVF clinics who seek to update their knowledge and skills and gain this highly regarded degree.

The course will be available to Australian Residents only in 2009, but due to high demand we expect the course to expand and include our overseas IVF colleagues by 2010.

The theoretical component of the course will be online, with continual assessment by way of essays, take-home exams, journal reviews and online discussions. Your particular IVF clinic will be assessed and accredited by our staff, and a mentor appointed to log your practical abilities (egg pick-ups, inseminations, ICSI etc, and record of success rates). This data will be used as credit points in each of the units in lieu of the practical skills normally taught and assessed onsite.

There is a small onsite component to the course. Extra practical skills will be taught in a series of short residential blocks based at the Monash Medical Centre. During these blocks, oral and written exams will be conducted to assess theoretical and practical skills.

More information:
Email Course Coordinator, Dr Sally Catt - [email protected]
or call +61 3 9594 7360

Distance Learning Master's Degree in Clinical Embryology and Andrology - The Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine, Norfolk, USA

The program is primarily designed for clinical embryologists and andrologists, physicians, and others involved in the practice of ART. Graduates of the 34-credit-hour program will receive a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences with a specialization in clinical embryology and andrology. The course of study is 24 months, including two four-day residential sessions at EVMS and 12 courses:

Nancy W. Garcia, Program Administrator 
Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine
601 Colley Avenue, 4th floor
Norfolk, VA 23507
Phone: (757) 446-8935
Fax: (757) 446-5905
[email protected]

Jacob F. Mayer, Ph.D., Program Director
Helena I. Russell, MS,

E-learning with CME credits

Fertilityschool - interactive e-learning for doctors in ART.
The Fertility School is a basic as well as more advanced training facility for specialists involved in human artificial reproduction procedures. The School comprises 14 training sessions or courses, each dealing with a specific topic in ART.

During the sessions a thorough introduction to relevant other sites on the internet will be given, with the object of providing necessary insight for the doctors to gather further information on their own on the Web.
Each session will always be finalised by a test of up to 20 questions. Only after answering more than 80% correct will the participant be assigned CME points.

The Fertilityschool.com is an internet based e-learning platform with the object of serving medical doctors within the field of artificial reproductive treatments. 
The internet based educational  program has gathered some of the best performing professionals within human reproduction, ultrasound, advanced fertility treatment, andrology, endocrinology and embryology with the vision to provide a current updated service in education for professionals.
This school  provides the Scandinavian standard for training and education in fertility treatment.

Fertility School
Symbion Science Park
Fruebjergvej 3
2100 Copenhagen ˜
Phone: +45 33257000
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: fertilityschool.com/courseinfo.asp?id=1

SERONO Symposia International online continuing medical education

SERONO Symposia International online continuing medical education (CME) combines timely, insightful content with the convenience of home or workplace study. Courses are available to anyone wishing to participate. Physicians, nurses, and pharmacists can earn continuing medical education credit by completing the registration form at the beginning of each CME. Other participants can register and obtain a certificate of completion.

Global Fertility Academy (MERCK SERONO)

Global Fertility Academy (GFA), an innovative educational resource for physicians, embryologists and fertility treatment specialists.

The GFA presents the opportunity to participate in training, which includes both basic and advanced courses in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). As a top level educational program for physicians and other healthcare professionals engaged in infertility treatment, you will experience the GFA as a unique opportunity; by participating in training that includes both e-learning sessions as well as practical sessions provided by some of the world’s leading fertility centers. 

QAP Online by FertAid

FertAid Pty Ltd operates an international Internet site dedicated to the provision of quality assurance and training in the Reproductive Sciences and related medical disciplines. The site encourages all scientists in each subscribing laboratory to participate in monthly quality assurance tasks as part of the laboratories Internal and External Quality Activities. The site has been operational since 2003 and has experienced steady and continual growth. Subscribing companies include both IVF clinical laboratories and pathology medical scientists.

The site provides for you to create and manage an Internal QC group comprising all your laboratory staff with your or any nominated staff member as QAP supervisor. Once your QAP group has enrolled in one or more QA schemes, all your staff are able to participate. The advantages of this approach is that you are able to:

  • Manage an Internal QC on critical sample identification
  • Manage your staff performance in an external environment
  • Manage your staff over multiple laboratories
  • Develop information to calculate Uncertainty of Measurements
  • Develop Staff Competency in the areas of the QA scheme.
  • Allow staff to monitor their own performance as they participate providing both assessment and education capabilities
  • Allow staff to develop a set of performance reports for their own CV.

Allow staff to participate either at a professional level for QA assessments or at a student or training level for training and initial review roles.


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